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$1 1886-P Morgan Dollar PCGS MS66+ DMPL EVEREST

Sruck in Philadelphia

Product Code: T10143W
In 1886, 19,963,000 Morgan Dollars were struck at the Philadelphia Mint. Of these 19 million Morgan Dollars, PCGS has graded only 3 at Mint State 66+ with none being graded higher. A Deep Mirror Proof Like designation, or DMPL, is only given to a miniscule amount of Morgan Dollars that were struck with fresh dies. Although these coins are not technically proof, the early strike from the die allows them to exhibit deep reflective mirrors and frosty white devices. More than 130 years later, this example has retained nearly all of its original beauty. As a testament to its eye appeal, Rick Tomaska has personally inspected this coin and given it an Everest Seal of Approval. An Everest Seal is only given to coins that Rick finds to have the greatest eye appeal for their years.
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