20 Coins Set: 1992-S - 2011-S Silver Kennedy PCGS PR69 DCAM

Struck in San Francisco

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Product Code: C5661
This spectacular set contains all Kennedy Half Dollars struck at the San Francisco Mint from 1992 to 2011. The reason that 1992 is a monumental year for Kennedy Half Dollars is that it is the first year since 1964 that Kennedys were struck from 90% silver. Every one of these 20 Kennedy Half Dollars is struck from 90% silver! Compared to their clad counterparts, these silver Kennedy Half Dollars are much rarer. All of the coins in this set have a population of less than 1.3% in PR69 DCAM, but the standout rarities of the set include the 1992-S, which has a population of just .4% in PR69 DCAM; the 1994-S, which has a population of only .76% in PR69 DCAM; and the 2006-S, which only has a population of .74% in PR69 DCAM.