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"Shield" reverse Fine Art Print framed&signed by Lyndall Bas

FREE frame, 2017-P Lincoln Cent, and S+H

Product Code: C5368

Richard Castrence has combined macrophotography with numismatics in order to provide you with a new way to appreciate the beauty of coins. This stunning closeup fine art print of Lyndall Bass` Lincoln Cent Shield Reverse design is sure to give you a fresh look at the artistry of numismatics. Only 100 of these limited edition prints have been made. Each of these prints will be hand-signed by both Richard Castrence and Lyndall Bass. With the purchase of this print you will receive a $75 valued sleek 16 x 20 frame, a stunning 2017-P Gem Uncirculated Lincoln Cent signed by Lyndall Bass that has a value of $30, and shipping and handling ALL ABSOLUTELY FREE!!

Lyndall Bass is a highly renowned American realist painter and teacher. She is decorated with many awards such as a National Society of Arts and Letters award, a Franklin Mint Award of Excellence, and possibly her greatest feat so far, the 2010 Lincoln Penny Reverse Design Award. Her "Shield Cent" design can be seen on the reverse of any penny minted since 2010.

Richard Castrence is Rare Collectibles TV`s very own numismatic photographer, and in Jack`s opinion, the leading numismatic photographer in the country. He has been taking photos for more than a decade and over the past three years has fused his passions for photography and numismatics into one art form.