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.25 1948-P Washington Quarter NGC/PCGS MS65

Struck in Philadelphia

Product Code: C2544
In 1932 John Flanagan designed the Washington Quarter to commemorate the 200th anniversary of George Washington`s birth. However, due to its popularity the design has been minted continuously, with only slight changes to this day. As with all quarters produced before 1964, this 1948 quarter is made of 90% silver. Flanagan`s design of Washington`s profile on the obverse was inspired by Jean Antoine Houdon`s famous 1785 bust. Flanagan`s initials can be found on the obverse at the base of Washington`s neck. The reverse depicts an eagle perched on a quiver of arrows. Also featured on the reverse for coins produced from 1932 to 1964 is the mintmark which lies just below the wreath. This 1948 example has been graded MS66.