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Ultra High Relief Saint-Gaudens

Numismatic Art Print signed by Richard Castrence

Product Code: R1003
Richard Castrence has combined macrophotography with numismatics in order to provide you with a new way to appreciate the beauty of coins. Due to the technology of the time, the Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle was unable to be struck in the high relief Augustus Saint-Gaudens had planned. For this reason the 2009, or MMIX, commemorative Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle was minted in high relief. With this photo being shot at such a closeup, every millimeter of the coin`s details are highlighted, giving the words "high-relief" a whole new meaning. There are only 100 of these limited edition prints that have been made and each of them will be numbered and hand-signed by Richard himself. Along with the hand-signed print you will also receive a certificate of authentication that is also signed by Richard Castrence.

Richard Castrence is Rare Collectibles TV`s very own numismatic photographer, and in Jack`s opinion, the leading numismatic photographer in the country. He has been taking photos for more than a decade and over the past three years has fused his passions for photography and numismatics into one art form.