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1879 Proof Morgan Dollar Fine Art Print

Numismatic Art Print signed by Richard Castrence

Product Code: R1035
Noticing that the standard flat shots of coins weren`t showcasing all of their most complex and beautiful details, our photographer, Richard Castrence began researching. The answer that he came up with was macrophotography. This method of photography uses extreme closeups at different angles in order to show the intricacies of relief designs on coinage. This photo of an 1879 Proof Morgan Dollar illuminates every detail of George Morgan`s beautiful Lady Liberty design. At such an extreme closeup, this image redefines what it means for a coin to exhibit cameo contrast. Even the detailing on Liberty`s hair is visible in this stunning photo. Only a limited 100 of these exclusive prints have been made and each of them will be numbered and hand-signed by Richard himself. Along with the hand-signed print you will also receive a certificate of authentication that is also signed by Richard Castrence.

The Morgan Dollar, designed by George T. Morgan, was minted from 1878 to 1904 and for one final year in 1921. Although this coin was unpopular at its time of issues, it has become one of the most popular coins to collect among Americans.

Richard Castrence is Rare Collectibles TV`s very own numismatic photographer, and in Jack McNamara`s opinion, the leading numismatic photographer in the country. He has been taking photos for more than a decade and over the past three years has fused his passions for photography and numismatics into one art form.

The dimensions of this Rare Collectibles TV exclusive numismatic art print are 11 x 14 inches.