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.50 1982 No FG Kennedy Half Dollar NGC/PCGS MS66
Product Code: J3769
Rarely are there varieties that can be seen by the naked eye. Even rarer are varieties on Kennedy Half Dollars. The rarest of all, however, is an error visible to the naked eye on a Kennedy Half Dollar. This 1982 Kennedy Half Dollar, known as the "No FG" variety, is a perfect example of these phenomena. The "FG" of this variety stands for the designer, Frank Gasparro`s initials, which usually appear between the left leg and tail of the eagle. Due to the over polishing of a die during 1982, a limited amount of 1982 Kennedys do not exhibit Frank Gasparro`s initials. Of the 10,819,000 Kennedy Half Dollars issued in 1982, PCGS and NGC have only graded a total of 1,192 "No FG" variety 1982 Kennedys. Of these 1,192 coins, only 327 have been graded MS 66 like this example! In total, only 16 examples have been graded higher, all of which are only one grade higher at MS67. With so few examples of the 1982 "No FG" struck and even fewer in MS66, this coin is a tremendous Condition and Absolute Rarity.