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.50 1965 SMS Kennedy Half Dollar NGC MS66 Star Cameo

Special Mint Set

Product Code: T10501W
The Kennedy Half Dollar, designed by Frank Gasparro and Gilroy Roberts, was first minted in 1964 and continues to be produced to this day. This specific example comes from a Special Mint Set. These sets were only issued for 3 years total. Special Mint Sets were issued instead of Proof sets from 1965 to 1967. This 1965 SMS Kennedy Half Dollar, graded Mint State 66 Cameo, was struck at the Philadelphia Mint during the coin`s second year of issue. Out of the 1,020 examples graded Proof 69 Cameo, only 33 have been awarded the illustrious Star designation. NGC only gives this exclusive designation to coins that exhibit superior eye appeal for their year and grade. Compared to most SMS Kennedys from 1965, this example displays stark Cameo contrast and has virtually flawless fields.