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$20 1908-P No Motto St Gaudens Double Eagle NGC/PCGS MS63

Struck in Philadelphia

Product Code: C6921
This 1908-P Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle is from the second year that the Saint-Gaudens was struck. It is one of only two years that this coin did not contain the motto In God We Trust. These rare No Motto Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle examples are graded in Mint State 63 condition. Out of the total mintage of 1908-P No Motto Saint-Gaudens Double Eagles, only about 2% have been graded MS63 between both NGC and PCGS. Each of these stunning Saint-Gaudens examples has been graded by either NGC or PCGS.

President Theodore Roosevelt is famous for his harsh critique of American coinage as something that is artistically of atrocious hideousness. With this adamant view about previously circulating American coinage, President Roosevelt made the redesigning of the United States coins one of his main goals. The first step in the process of giving American coinage a complete facelift was to find an artist to help. The choice was clear to President Roosevelt, he needed to have Augustus Saint-Gaudens, the nations leading sculptor, redesign the Double Eagle. What manifested from President Roosevelts decision was the Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle, which was minted from 1907 to 1933. This coin is widely considered the most beautiful piece of U.S coinage and is often given credit for sparking the American Coin Renaissance.

These rare gold coins became even rarer when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed Executive Order 6102 in 1933. This executive order was meant to help boost the declining American economy by recalling public gold and melting it back down. Due to the large amount of gold that was seized from the public at this time, coins like the 1908-P Liberty Head Gold Double Eagle became even more limited than they already were. Add this stunning Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle to your collection for just $2,295!