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.10 1955 Roosevelt Dime NGC/PCGS PF67

Struck in Philadelphia

Many 1955 proof sets were stored in 2x2 cellophane casings, unfortunately the chemicals from the casing would leach off onto the coins causing severe damage to many of the proof set coins over time. Halfway through the year all 2x2 cellophanes were replaced with the much safer flat packs, but not before many of the coins had already suffered surface damage. For this reason it is very rare to find high grade 1955 proof coins. In 1938 President Franklin D. Roosevelt founded the group called March of Dimes, which aimed to aid children whose lives were affected by polio. In honor of his efforts with the March of Dimes, President Roosevelt was commemorated on the dime after his death in 1946. Out of every proof struck 1955 Roosevelt Dime, only .6% of them are graded PF67, making these coins incredibly difficult to come by. Roosevelt Dimes, designed by John R. Sinnock, were first minted in 1946 and continue to be produced to this day. The obverse features a profile portrait of Franklin Roosevelt while the reverse depicts a torch surrounded by olive and oak branches.