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Set of 3: 2019-W Lincoln Cents NGC PF69 & MS68 Lyndall Bass

Includes: 2019-W PF69, Rev PF69 & MS68



Product Code: C6728
Originally $199.95, NOW $149 and with FREE SHIPPING!!

In 2019, for the first time in the history of the United States, the West Point Mint struck its "W" mintmark onto Lincoln Cents. This monumental occasion occurred in order to celebrate the 110th anniversary of Victor David Brenner`s Lincoln Cent design. The "W" mintmark appears on three Lincolns that were each part of a different set issued by the U.S. Mint. The first example is the standard Proof Lincoln Cent, which was part of the Proof Set. The second example is the Reverse Proof Lincoln Cent, which was part of the silver Proof Set. Finally, the third is the circulation strike Lincoln Cent, which was part of the Mint Set. We have compiled all three of these monumental coins into a set of the highest quality, so that your Lincoln Cent set can continue to grow. This set includes the 2019-W Proof and Reverse Proof Lincolns, graded Proof 69 by NGC, as well as the 2019-W circulation strike Lincoln, graded Mint State 68 by NGC. For a limited time only this, set of stunning 2019-W Lincoln Cents will be available for the low price of only $149!