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.01 2018-S Lincoln Cent Reverse Proof NGC PF70 Lyndall Bass

Struck in San Francisco

Product Code: C4919
This 2018-S Lincoln Cent was released as part of a Reverse Proof set that commemorated the San Francisco Mint`s 50th anniversary of producing Proof coinage. A Reverse Proof coin is the opposite of a Proof coin, meaning that it will exhibit heavily frosted fields and deeply mirrored devices. With a limited mintage of just 200,000 coins, this 2018-S Reverse Proof Lincoln Cent is one of the rarest Lincoln Cents ever struck. Even the renowned 1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent has a mintage over twice as high at 484,000. To add to this coin`s rarity, this Reverse Proof Lincoln will come with a label that is signed by Lyndall Bass, the artist who designed the reverse of the Lincoln Shield Cent. Out of the total mintage of 2018-S Reverse Proof Lincolns, only 730 have been graded Proof 70 by NGC and given this exclusive label.
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