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1934-S Peace Dollar MS65+

2020-09-17 20:15:00
1934-S Peace Dollar MS65+
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1934-S Peace Dollar MS65+

The 1934-S Peace Dollar has long held its status as the undoubted key date in the short-lived Peace Dollar series. This is because out of all 24 issues of the entire Peace Dollar series, the 1934-S is the most difficult coin to come across in Uncirculated Condition.

Just looking at the mintage of 1,011,000 coins, the 1934-S doesn’t immediately come across as a key date. In fact, many collectors in the 1930s and 1940s wrote this issue off as a relatively common coin due to its high mintage. As a result, no hoards of the 1934-S Peace Dollar were ever established by dealers or collectors. Additionally, the U.S. Mint released all of the 1934-S Peace Dollar issue for circulation. With the mass circulation of these coins and the lack of hoards being established, a vast majority of the 1934-S issue was exposed to heavy wear throughout the decades. Thus, the 1934-S became the numismatic rarity that it is today.

Out of all 1934-S Peace Dollars struck, only a miniscule 33 examples have been graded in Mint State 65+ condition by PCGS. In total, PCGS has only graded 37 of these coins higher; 35 coins at Mint State 66 and 2 coins at Mint State 66+. With so few examples in this grade, the stunning example that we are presenting you with today is undeniably one of the finest know 1934-S Peace Dollars. Taking this coin’s blinding blast white surfaces, crisp design elements, and clear fields into account, it is indisputably one of the most aesthetically stunning 1934-S Peace Dollars.


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