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5oz 1857 Gold Dust from the SS Central America

in Numbered PCGS Holder with Leather Pouch

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5oz 1857 Gold Dust from the SS Central America


The SS Central America, commonly referred to as the “Ship of Gold,” has a reputation as the most significant shipwreck to occur in United States history. Known primarily for its crucial role in transporting prospectors and thousands of pounds of California gold to and from the West Coast during the California Gold Rush, this iconic ship was an integral part of expanding our 1850s. Unfortunately, on September 3, 1857, the SS Central America set sail on its final voyage as it left the Panamanian Port of Colon with 30,000 pounds of gold in its cargo. By September 9, 1857, the SS Central America was caught in a devastating hurricane. Three days later, on September 12, this prestigious ship met its untimely demise as it sank to the ocean floor 200 miles off the coast of the Carolinas. For over 130 years, the SS Central America and its precious gold cargo were thought to be lost for eternity. In 2014, however, an expedition was sent down to the wreckage of the SSCA and was able to recover California Gold Rush gold dust directly from the hills of Northern California. These PCGS certified five-ounce gold dust specimens of California Gold Rush gold come directly from the purser’s safe of the SSCA and are the final treasures found aboard the iconic ship. With only 88 of these five-ounce specimens established by PCGS and only about 50 known to exist, these are known as tremendous Absolute Rarities. To tie it all together, each of these double pinches of Gold Rush gold will come with a limited edition SS Central America Bell label signed by Bob Evans, the Chief Scientist of the SS Central America Ship of Gold Coin Project!