35 Coin Set: 1977-S - 2011-S Clad Kennedy PR69 Deep Cameo ECC

Plus 2 Bonus Coins:

1776-1976 Clad Bi-Centennial Kennedy Haf Dollar PR69 DCAM ECC

1979-S Type 2 Kennedy Half Dollar PR69 DCAM ECC

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Denomination Half Dollars
Series Kennedy Half Dollar
Composition Clad
Mint San Francisco (S)
Grade Proof
Proof Score PF 69
Designation DCAM/UCAM, ECC
Certification PCGS

35 Coin Set: 1977-S - 2011-S Clad Kennedy PR69 Deep Cameo ECC


All 35 1977 to 2011 Kennedy Half Dollars included in this set were struck at the San Francisco Mint and graded Proof 69 with a Deep Cameo designation by PCGS. Along with each coin comes an Exceptional Cameo Contrast sticker. This sticker is Rick Tomaska`s seal of approval and it indicates that he has personally inspected and approved each coin as having the greatest cameo contrast for its grade. From 1982 to 2000, none of these coins have a total population between NGC and PCGS of more than .3 in PR69 DCAM. In fact, the whole set doesn`t contain a coin with a population higher than .55% in PR69 DCAM. As an added bonus, you will receive a 1976-S Bicentennial Kennedy Half Dollar and a 1979-S Type 2 Kennedy Half Dollar, all completely free!