$20 1911-D Saint Gaudens Gold Double Eagle NGC/PCGS MS65

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The Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle, widely considered the most beautiful piece of American coinage ever created, was minted from 1907 to 1933. Due to President Theodore Roosevelt`s dislike of U.S. coinage of the time, he employed the famed sculptor, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, to redesign the Double Eagle. In 1933, Executive Order 6102 was signed, effectively recalling almost all gold from the public`s possession. This was done in hopes of reintroducing gold back into the American economy. Unfortunately for numismatists, Executive Order 6102 caused gold coins like the Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle to become rarer. Of the 846,500 that were minted, there is no telling how many were melted down. Only 4,700 of the remaining coins have been graded in Mint State 65 condition.