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1953 Franklin Half Dollar NGC PF67 Plus Ultra Cameo RT-17 We The People Signature Series

Only 1 coin graded in Proof 67+ condition and housed in the Tomaska Signature Series holders    

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Denomination Half Dollars
Series Franklin Half Dollar
Composition Silver
Year 1953
Grade Proof
Proof Score PF 67
Designation Absolute Rarity, Condition Rarity, DCAM/UCAM, Star/Plus
Certification NGC

1953 Franklin Half Dollar NGC PF67 Plus Ultra Cameo RT-17 We The People Signature Series


The Franklin Half Dollar, designed by John R. Sinnock, was minted from 1948 to 1963. The Proof issues of the Franklin Half Dollar would not commence until two years later in 1950. This specific Proof example was struck at the Philadelphia Mint in 1953 and has been graded in Proof 67+ Ultra Cameo condition. Additionally, this coin has been categorized as Tomaska Die 17, one of the top varieties featured in Rick Tomaska’s book. Early strikes from these dies are considered to be among the most exceptional in terms of their cameo contrast. Recognizing the quality of this stunning coin, it has been placed in the NGC exclusive Tomaska Signature Series holder which is reserved for coins deemed to exhibit the highest quality luster and eye appeal for their year and grade after being personally inspected by Rick Tomaska, who has hand-signed the label himself. Out of every 1953 Franklin Half Dollar struck, only 4 have been graded in PF67+ condition and just 1 of those are recognized as a top Tomaska die. Only a very small number of Proof 1953 Franklin Half Dollars will be eligible to be housed in the Tomaska Signature Series. With a minuscule mintage of only 128,800 examples and so few PF67+ coins achieving Tomaska Signature Series designation, this coin is considered an Absolute and Condition Rarity.