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1880 Trade Dollar NGC PF67

Only 23 graded in Proof 67 condition with just 11 graded higher 

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Denomination Dollars
Series Trade Dollar
Composition Silver
Year 1880
Grade Proof
Proof Score PF 67
Designation Absolute Rarity, Condition Rarity
Certification NGC

1880 Trade Dollar NGC PF67


The Trade Dollar, designed by William Barber, was struck from 1873 to 1885. This specific example was struck in 1880 at the Philadelphia Mint and has been graded in Proof 67 condition. Produced expressly for use in foreign trade, the Trade Dollar was designed to appeal to Chinese merchants who preferred the Mexican 8 Reales silver coin. While circulating Trade Dollars stopped production in 1878, Proof Trade Dollars continued to be struck in small mintages for collectors. Out of every 1880 Proof Trade Dollar struck, only 23 have been graded in Proof 67 condition with just 11 graded higher. With only 1,987 Proof Trade Dollars struck in 1880 and such a low PF67 population, this coin is not only a Condition Rarity but is also an Absolute Rarity.