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1855 Kellogg SSCA Liberty Head $20 Gold Double Eagle MS60

$20 Gold Double Eagle

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Denomination Double Eagles
Series Liberty Head, Bullion
Composition Gold
Year 1855
Grade Mint State
Mint State Score MS 60
Designation Absolute Rarity, Condition Rarity
Certification PCGS, NGC

1855 Kellogg SSCA Liberty Head $20 Gold Double Eagle MS60


With the booming in flux of gold coming into the economy during the California Gold Rush, the United States Mint could not produce an adequate amount of coinage. As a result, various private minting operations began opening in northern California. The most prevalent of all of these operations was that known as Kellogg & Company. From 1854 to 1855, Kellogg & Company produced an estimated 50% of Gold Double Eagles used in the area. These Double Eagles bear a striking resemblance to the Liberty Head Gold Double Eagle of the US Mint. The only difference are the inscriptions, which read “KELLOGG & CO” instead of “LIBERTY,” and “SAN FRANCISCO CALIFORNIA,” instead of “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.” Once the production capabilities of the San Francisco Mint increased, a vast majority of Kellogg & Company Double Eagles were melted own and restruck into official Liberty Head Gold Double Eagles. In turn, Kellogg & Company Gold Double Eagles have become some of the rarest coins of early American history. This stunning example of the 1855 Kellogg & Company Double Eagle is one of just 170 examples graded between PCGS and NGC. As one of only six examples graded in Mint State 60 condition, this remarkable coin is undoubtedly among the finest known.