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$1 1881-CC Morgan Dollar GSA NGC MS66
Product Code: T10915W
Along with the 1885-CC, the lowest official mintage GSA Carson City Silver Dollar, with an original mintage of a mere 296,000 coins.

Now, in an original GSA holder this is not a terribly difficult coin to locate - 147,485 examples were in the GSA hoard. The 1885-CC hoard total was 148,285. However, most of these examples, while uncirculated, were very heavily bagmarked! Understandable, as they had been shipped in bags from Carson City to the U.S. Treasury - a journey of about 2,000 miles. As a result, these CC dollars are extremely elusive in the higher mint state grades.

There are only 566 GSA 1881-CC Morgan Dollars graded MS66 and only 39 graded MS67!

These two brilliant specimens are so superior, so mark-free compared to the typical CC - and it`s one of the lowest mintage 1881-CC`s. Spectacular, fully brilliant cartwheel luster. Among the finest CC specimens for the date and the CC Morgan series!!!